….Come join us on this magical journey; allowing yourself to open up, to feel, to experience and to connect

While in Seattle hosting workshops on our Tour from Canada to the States, a random right swipe on Tinder led to a wonderful Podcast interview with Heather from www.semiwoo.com  She’s a comedian and is into the semi-metaphysical. Which is fun, spirited and I can’t wait to see her next year when I travel through Seattle – Sprout Love



High Vibrational Relating and Sexuality Talk

In this talk, we will be approaching the subject of new-paradigm relationships as well as sexual empowerment.  This requires an in-depth knowledge of how by becoming present time focused we can access sexual energy as fuel for life and this also requires exploring our current paradigm of relationship, so we can ultimately utilize orgasm to expand consciousness and access its healing potential.

We will de-mystify the woo woo around energy.  We cannot deny that all things in existence are created in a frequency. Let’s get to the bottom of it, exploring both the physical reality and how it affects us at an energetic level; beyond the mind and into the body 😉

High vibrational living has nothing to do with being ‘ultra spiritual’ or pseudo science, it has to do with raising awareness through both intellect and experience, come join as we discuss various aspects of relating and sexuality; while also exploring exercises that build intimacy and honor boundaries.

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Intimacy Unleashed: Unlocking a Path to Pleasure

Come and join on this 2-day long intensive magical adventure into exploring intimacy. Bridging theory with experience, we will  really explore exercises that will help us feel more intimate, with self and with others.
We will be creating a container of love and acceptance, a space to feel feelings and know that there is no bad or good, allowing feelings feel.
We’ve been tackling a lot on our own for a long time, whether we feel we have mastered intimacy or are really in a place struggling to find intimacy, what we’re presenting will help expand on what you already have.
Real intimacy makes us feel alive, like we’ve been found, as if someone took the time to peer into the depth of self, like someone is looking right through us.

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Our other workshops

These workshops are a joining of forces. We bring together the education of what we’ve learned; combining with our experience, providing intellect and exercises to practice, so that you can change the patterning in your mind, effectively altering the frequency in your body, transformation!

Tantric Tools for Intimacy: Conscious Relating

Tantra is a path of expanded liberation. To expand consciousness, to liberate ourselves from the physical level of our being, we use the five senses of the body to their limit, and then go beyond that limit. We essentially work out our sensual awareness.

Raising our vibration through awareness. Awareness of our own sexual energy and how we relate intimately. High vibrational relationships and sexuality. Using Tantric Tools as fuel for life and expanding consciousness.

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Lighting up the Darkness

Beyond its functionality, procreative human sexuality is highly complex, nuanced and mysterious. Mostly, these aspects of personal sexuality are ignored, repressed, vilified, outlawed and hidden from view. Indeed, the majority of people know little about it. When we finally escape the grips of our repressive sexual upbringing, how can we safely explore, express, create and integrate our authentic sexual desires into our identity?

How do we address the deeply imbedded fears, inadequacy, shame and harsh moral judgments that still impact how we express our sexuality. How can we recognize when we self-righteously pass judgment on other people’s sexuality? Find your own sexual truth through a newly visible portal of Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Taoist, Conscious Kink and Sacred BDSM.

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About Us

This is Yani and Sprout, both 33 years young. We sparked a creative expression of yin/yang, a duality that came from non-duality; coming from our true nature of self, we play in the fields of polarity, allowing freedom to unfold. We maintain our sovereignty in relating. Yani is her being and Sprout is his being, together we consciously relate. The nuances of that are beautiful and we’d love to share a different form of relating, something that has what we view as a very mature expression, one of our own making.  That isn’t confined to pre-described monogamy or polyamory. Come join our expression and see what resonates.

Sprout Love Intimacy Unleashed Shadow Conscious Sexuality Relating

Sprout Love

Sprout has been consciously learning about relationship dynamics and the human psychology around this for over 8 years. The exploration included learning about the depth of intimacy as well as exploring the pure animal reflection of sexual energy. Having a passion for sharing and growing what’s emerging is a matured refining of what might be considered a ‘healthy’ version of masculine energy.

Trained as a Shadow Work Facilitator, doing work with Spiritual Shamanic Sexuality as well as mentoring under the beautiful Laurie Handlers of http://www.butterflyworkshops.com

Consciously exploring the dynamics of BDSM as well as Tantra has led to a union of energetic polarities that can both be scary yet intriguing. In the end, Sprout is simply a union of his own self love, his inner feminine and inner masculine, united to become love and learning tools to express and be and share intimacy.

Beyond the story of what got him here is simply an expression that came from his heart, whether it’s his projects around intimacy, temple arts, sacred sexuality, sustainable energy or community development, what’s coming from him is only about helping people re-connect with the parts of self that really help us feel whole, beyond the material world.

Sprout is also working on a project http://www.sproutenergy.ca as well as looking to get back into sustainable community development in which he’s been involved in before.

“To become more of a male, a man must not deny his inner feminine”


Yani and Sprout have met last year on a Tantric Temple Tour in India, the search to make love in a temple had failed, yet we have our entire life to succeed at such an endeavour. The magic that unfolded cannot be fully grasped. We had the opportunity to hold workshop space in India and see the synergy of our energies transform into a beautiful expression of theory and experience.
As this fusion happened, out of this space of nothing came the idea that we should hold workshops together in Canada. So here we are, creating and sharing workshops in cities, mountain towns and festivals – from Vancouver Island, up into the Rocky Mountains. Here are Sprout’s roots, the forests, the towns Sprout holds dear to his heart. We will explore, finding swimming holes and hot springs while also sharing a gift that comes from our heart. That desires to touch the hearts of those who choose to join.
Journeying further in the States – from Seattle to Portland, Eugene, Ashland, Bay Area, San Francisco and more South.
We welcome anyone for suggestions of what to see and where to go, also sexy & sacred spaces to hold events. Thank you all for witnessing and hopefully you feel the drive to allow yourself to dive deeper into the unknown, for yourself, for your relationship and for love.


Yani has been moving with the flow of life, enchanted by the miracles of life and has a passion for sharing this magic. Her passion in human connection led her to studying Psychology. Moving into her career, she worked for several years as her underlying creativity started to come alive.

After years of spiritual practice, involving energy work, yoga, meditation and self healing regarding connecting with her feminine, sexuality & intimacy – she decided to leave Amsterdam and follow the call to go to India.

Trained in Hatha Tantric Yoga with the 200hr Yoga & Traditional Tantra Teacher Training of Satya Loka in Rishikesh; Hatha Vinyasa TTC at Shree Hari Yoga School in Dharamshala; Agama Yoga in Koh Phangan, she has skills for seeing, moving and allowing energies to flow in people’s bodies. She’s been through various intense courses as well as working with the bodies’ subtle energies.

Yani is now traveling & sharing around the world. Exploring and creating workshops on intimacy, tantra, yoga, conscious new paradigm relating, fearless communicating, conscious & sacred sexuality, conscious kink. And teaching Hatha Tantric Yoga, doing energy work and Graphic Design projects for conscious clients.

“Merging with the Yaniverse to connect, feel and follow your heart, the truth will show you the magic that exists in every living moment”