Altered States of Consciousness

Being turned on is a state of consciousness – there are many states of consciousness we move through every day. Waking and sleeping for example. Happy, sad, elated.
States of the sexual response cycle are simply that. Playing with pain while in a sexual trance probably relates to how our bodies produce endorphins in response to pain. Submission can typically cause a trancelike state of consciousenss that can create a sense of calm and acceptability.
So when we are engaging in adult activities we can look at it from the perspective of looking at getting into a particular altered-state of consciousness.
This ties in well with the healing aspects of our being and our sexuality. Playing with physical, emotional and mental realms we can start to look at what we want out of a particular experience with a lover.
The choices become endless when you see that you have choice. What do you want to happen with your mind, body and soul, how do we approach partners in a constructive manner to be taken on a wonderful journey?
When we start to approach an experience for what it could be we might become more available to explain our desires and move forward into unknown realms of ecstasy.
#letlovefree  #orgasmon

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