Yani and Sprout have met last year on a Tantric Temple Tour in India, the search to make love in a temple had failed, yet we have our entire life to succeed at such an endeavour. The magic that unfolded cannot be fully grasped. We had the opportunity to hold workshop space in India and see the synergy of our energies transform into a beautiful expression of theory and experience.
As this fusion happened, out of this space of nothing came the idea that we should hold workshops together in Canada. So here we are, creating and sharing workshops in cities, mountain towns and festivals – from Vancouver Island, up into the Rocky Mountains. Here are Sprout’s roots, the forests, the towns Sprout holds dear to his heart. We will explore, finding swimming holes and hot springs while also sharing a gift that comes from our heart. That desires to touch the hearts of those who choose to join.
Journeying further in the States – from Seattle to Portland, Eugene, Ashland, Bay Area, San Francisco and more South.
We welcome anyone for suggestions of what to see and where to go, also sexy & sacred spaces to hold events. Thank you all for witnessing and hopefully you feel the drive to allow yourself to dive deeper into the unknown, for yourself, for your relationship and for love.