Yani has been moving with the flow of life, enchanted by the miracles of life and has a passion for sharing this magic. Her passion in human connection led her to studying Psychology. Moving into her career, she worked for several years as her underlying creativity started to come alive.

After years of spiritual practice, involving energy work, yoga, meditation and self healing regarding connecting with her feminine, sexuality & intimacy – she decided to leave Amsterdam and follow the call to go to India.

Trained in Hatha Tantric Yoga with the 200hr Yoga & Traditional Tantra Teacher Training of Satya Loka in Rishikesh; Hatha Vinyasa TTC at Shree Hari Yoga School in Dharamshala; Agama Yoga in Koh Phangan, she has skills for seeing, moving and allowing energies to flow in people’s bodies. She’s been through various intense courses as well as working with the bodies’ subtle energies.

Yani is now traveling & sharing around the world. Exploring and creating workshops on intimacy, tantra, yoga, conscious new paradigm relating, fearless communicating, conscious & sacred sexuality, conscious kink. And teaching Hatha Tantric Yoga, doing energy work and Graphic Design projects for conscious clients.

“Merging with the Yaniverse to connect, feel and follow your heart, the truth will show you the magic that exists in every living moment”