High Vibrational Relating and Sexuality Talk

Come join for this magical discussion where we will address intimacy, relating, sexuality, boundaries and consent.

In this talk, we will be approaching the subject of new-paradigm relationships as well as sexual empowerment.  This requires an in-depth knowledge of how by becoming present time focused we can access sexual energy as fuel for life and also requires exploring our current paradigm of relationship, so we can ultimately build embodied pleasure into expanded consciousness and access its healing potential.

We will de-mystify the woo woo around energy.  We cannot deny that all things in existence are created in a frequency. Let’s get to the bottom of it, exploring both the physical reality and how it affects us at an energetic level; beyond the mind and into the body 😉

High vibrational living has nothing to do with being ‘ultra spiritual’ or pseudo science, it has to do with raising awareness through both intellect and experience, come join as we discuss various aspects of relating and sexuality; while also exploring exercises that build intimacy and honor boundaries.

In this talk we will discuss:

  • Exploring new relationship frames and finding solutions to relationship problems
  • Liberation from cultural programming
  • Experience the power of truly being present, open and the ability to surrender
  • How sexual energy moves through the body and how to expand your orgasmic potential
  • Using sexual energy for healing and altered blissful states in the body
  • How your sexual energy has the ability to access higher levels of consciousness while also accessing higher level chakras and glands in the body
  • How to surrender into fully embracing orgasmic energy throughout the body and touching on full-body energetic orgasm
  • Power struggles and healthy boundaries
  • The nature of projection, emotional manipulation and healing the heart
  • Having difficult conversations; being authentic, accountable and moving forward while honoring your own boundaries as well as others
  • How to achieve increased intimacy and access the spiritual potential of sexuality
  • Sacred sexual pathways