Intimacy Unleashed: Unlocking a Path to Pleasure

Come and join on this 2-day long intensive magical adventure into exploring intimacy.

We will be creating a safe container of love and acceptance, a space to feel feelings. Focusing on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt and fear related to personal empowerment. Intimacy, Sexuality and authenticity all have shadows that we have a hard time addressing, the deeper transformation comes from reconnecting to your personal power.

Bridging theory with experience, we will explore exercises that will help us feel more intimate, with self and with others.

Real intimacy makes us feel alive, like we’ve been found, as if someone took the time to peer into the depth of self, like someone is looking right through us.  What we are presenting will help expand on what you already have.

If you’re ready to transform your life, this deep expansive experiential event is for you.

We will use:

– Powerful rituals that can bring deep healing and reclaim our power
– Active & gentle energy movement exercises
– Tantric Yogic practices
– Breath exercises
– Emotional release techniques
– Group process
– Shadow Exploration
– Guided visualization
– Conscious communication/boundaries/consent

List of some of the topics covered:

– Some of the basic life skills we all should have learned when we were younger
– Integration of your inner masculine & feminine
– Transforming the shadows into an ally
– Activate, clear and balance energy centers of the body
– Releasing judgement/Finding the path to Love
– We will look beyond the mask, the ‘you’ behind veil. We will see more clearly where you might be operating from ego and belief patterns of others/society.
– Understanding your energetic body as well as your physical body and how to dance within it all
– Move with and through your body with Tantric Yoga
– Clearing emotional blocks and looking into core wounding
– Explore the intuitive wisdom of your body & heart
– We will explore how sexuality and spirituality are one
– Discover conscious connection as well as different techniques that help with building intimacy as well as sexuality – tools to practice at home
– Learn to feel safe moving in the unknown – spaces that when explored consciously and in a safe manner can expand happiness and pleasure
– Learn to work with your intentions and manifest what you desire
– Learn ancient breath, sound and movement techniques that teach our body to expand into more pleasure, sensation and awareness which ultimately helps expand heart energy and expand orgasmic potential
– Learn and practice forms of emotional release techniques
– Step into your power exploring boundaries and consent; how it relates to yourself, others, lovers, friends and even where it co-relates to business/money making
– Sublimation of sexual energy to rejuvenate the body and stimulate creativity
– Prolong and deepen lovemaking – generating/containing more sexual energy – fuel for life

This transformation is created using numerous modalities of ancient temple arts including Tantra, Taoism, Shamanism, Kundalini energy, Yoga. We also play with more modern forms of bioenergetics, emotional release tools, conscious touch/consent.

We will explore a deep level of intimacy. Practicing emotional release as well as setting intentions. We will address peoples’ inability for things such as love, pleasure, health, wealth and abundance. Connecting the Sacral Chakra (creativity, emotional stability, passion and sexuality) with the Throat Chakra (speech, hearing, self-expression) and the Heart Chakra (love, self love, compassion).

In Intimacy Unleashed, our 2-day long beginner’s intensive, we set people up to look at the pleasure question and give many practices to have people start to really see what’s up in their lives.

This workshop is for singles as much as it’s for couples.

About us:

We are Sprout and Yani. We sparked a creative expression of yin/yang, a duality that came from non-duality; coming from our true nature of self, we play in the fields of polarity, allowing freedom to unfold.

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workshop details:

Our next workshop is in Victoria BC on 17-18 June. Limited spots available. Register via the ticket page or mail to to secure your spot.

Energy exchange:

* Discounts will be given for referrals. 25% for first referral and 10% of any subsequent referral
* If money is an issue we are glad to work things out, we are happy about trade economy and making things accessible to everyone (*please note, we are two humans attempting to move from a system of 9-5 to follow a deeper truth, that isn’t purely of economics; yet we have to eat, live and provide)


At the start of the workshop we will create guidelines and boundaries so that everyone will feel safe and supported in moving as quick and as far as they choose. Everyone has freedom and is not required to do anything they do not want to do and we will create a social context in which there will be no pressure so everyone gets to choose their level of participation.


The workshop is being held at Metta Yoga, a beautiful space. It’s downtown, yet secluded, so we have our own sacred space.

This is a deep commitment to yourself; we assume that if you feel drawn to this training, it is no accident.  Let us know if you feel called ❤

Our next workshop is in Victoria BC on 17-18 June

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