Lighting up the Darkness: Tantra Meets Conscious Kink

*this in no way is a play party or sexual experience, this is a workshop full of aha moments, where we learn both the intellect and get to play with exercises that are not sexual in nature.


Integrating the light and the darkness (shadow) of our eros.

We use the Jungian concept of Shadow – that part of ourselves that, due to societal conditioning, we hide from ourselves and those around us.  In this context, we are mostly interested in the erotic parts of the shadow, this tends to be where the most potent power is, and the room for most grown.

Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. Yet to penetrate the darkness we must summon all the powers of enlightenment that consciousness can offer ( Carl Jung).

The thing is, beyond procreation and recreation, human sexuality becomes highly complex, nuanced and mysterious.  For the most part these aspects of our personal sexuality have been repressed, ignored, villified and hidden from view in most ways in modern culture.  Most of us don’t know that much about it and when we finally escape the grips of our oppressive sexual upbringing, we are still stuck trying without a healthy role model or peer group to be able to find, explore, express, create and integrate our authentic sexual desires into who we are overall.  This often leaves the darker sides un-explored.

How do we deal with this deeply embedded fear, inadequacy, shame and judgements as we open up the depth of our erotic desires and how will they affect how we express or do not express our sexuality.

In conclusion, our societal wounding around sexuality is covered by a distorted oppression of desire, through exploring the shadow we can bring it into consciousness and create the potential to live a deeper more passionate life.

Pleasure and pain, dark and light, immerse yourself in my world and uncover your deep sexual desires with light domination and role play scenery.

Interested in exploring the loving expression of Tantra while mixing in the excitement of tieing your lover up in a safe sacred powerful expression

As grown ups, we have the ability to consciously explore our sexuality a bit more, we use tools from conscious kink around touch and consent negotiation.  We combine these skills with erotic ritual and inner transformation as a shamanic journey through mind, body and soul to explore pieces of our inner erotic landscape from the lighter side to the deeper hidden psychology that might be in the shadows.  This is where we might access our own personal hidden erotic gold.  This process will help integrate these aspects of self leading to a further embodiment of what wholeness of self feels like.

Some of the benefits of exploring the erotic shadow in this way are: we know ourselves better, we are better capable of more intimacy, we are better equipped emotionally for what life might bring us, healing of old wounds and trauma while also releasing blockages in the body.  When we know our own shadow we become more embodied and have more power in the world we live in.  Consequently we easily become more sexually satisfied at a deeply profound level of our being as we expand our ability to give and receive pleasure.

In this workshop we will explore creating a safe setting to explore dominance/submission in relating to a lover while also exploring various kinks including ancient tools from the Tantric modality.
Possibly you’ve played around with the magic of D/S in your sexual expression
Maybe you’ve read about it and its ability to alter states of consciousness, as a path for sexual healing and its transformative possibilities.
Maybe a friend has shared with you their experience of the healing power of consciously exploring one’s taboo desires.

Come into this playful space to adventure and step deeper into the unknown in a safe space.

Course description

In this journey we will create a space where participants can create a greater understanding of SURRENDER and also a greater YES for their desires, their being and their sensual/erotic expression(Eros).  This has been the most shunned aspect of our being by society, especially the darker sides of this expression.

We invite you to come explore and deepen your Spiritual and Erotic journey. Integrate the various aspects of your psyche, discover new levels of turn-on in your relating. Say YES to life, to your desires, and to your BEING.

In this day-long immersive experience we will take a journey into understanding how power plays into our intimate expression, with the intention of expressing internal archetypes, increasing awareness, exploring darkness, healing repressed emotion, deepening connection in relationship, and integrating the psyche.

This day-long class is designed to give you the fundamentals for your exploration into consensual power play and will also touching base into basic tantric tools that will help create deeper intimacy in your life. Come and join on this intensive magical adventure into exploring intimacy.  Bridging theory with experience, we will  really explore exercises that will help us feel more intimate, with self and with others.
We will be creating a container of love and acceptance, a space to feel feelings and know that there is no bad or good, allowing feelings feel.

Day workshop Sunday 24 September in Vancouver
>> Practical info
– Who: We welcome people of all genders, orientations and relationship styles.
The workshop is as well as for couples of any kind, who want to go into this experience together and can also choose to pair up with others – as well as for singles who want to explore themselves and take the experience into their lives.
– Date: Sunday 20 August 2017
– Time: 10am – 6PM
Come on time, around 9:45am
– Location: Vancouver, to be confirmed
– We have a Potluck Lunchbreak, bring something healthy, yummy to keep the high vibrations meow
>> Energy Exchange:
$125 for singles, $230 for couples of any kind
You can pair up with others or as a couple going into the experience together.
Discount $5 if you share the event (tag us) and invite friends to the Facebook event. Discount $20 if someone is referred via you – send us a message about it.
Email transfer to or PayPal to secure your spot. Let us know beforehand if you want to participate as we have limited spots and to do the preparations. At least before Friday 15 September noon ♥
You can send a PM via our Facebook page Intimacy Unleashed or mail to love for more info, one of us will reply 🙂 Or mail/message to one of us.

We also have low income tickets available, send us a message.

If money is an issue we are glad to work things out, we are happy about trade economy and making things accessible to everyone (*please note, we are two humans attempting to move from a system of 9-5 to follow a deeper truth, that isn’t purely of economics; yet we have to eat, live and provide)
>> What to bring
– If you feel called, you can bring something for the Altar
– Yogamat, pillow, blanket to sit on. We have some available as well
– Something for the Potluck Lunch
– Water bottle
– Pen & paper
– Come as your juicy self and wear something what makes you feel good and you feel comfortable in. You can get changed during the workshop if you feel like it.

Note: At the start of the workshop we will create guidelines and boundaries so that everyone will feel safe and supported in moving as quick and as far as they choose.  Everyone has freedom and is not required to do anything they do not want to do and we will create a social context in which there will be no pressure so everyone gets to choose their level of participation.

“In the so-called ‘real world’, most people struggle with power, working to empower ourselves, and to protect ourselves from being overpowered by others, this is serious business. But power can be sexy as well as serious.

In S/M, we imitate the outward appearance of those grim real-world struggles for
power, while building in the safeguards we need to keep us from
being genuinely harmed. We believe that one purpose of S/M is
to give us a way to enjoy the “upside” of power – its sexiness and
drama – without bringing along its “downside.” We’ve heard
people say, “S/M is power games for fun instead of proft, ” and
we agree. “

– The New Topping Book by Dossie Easton and Janet W Harding