Our other workshops

These workshops are a joining of forces. We bring together the education of what we’ve learned; combining with our experience, providing intellect and exercises to practice, so that you can change the patterning in your mind, effectively altering the frequency in your body, transformation!


Tantric Tools for Intimacy: Conscious Relating

Tantra is a path of expanded liberation. To expand consciousness, to liberate ourselves from the physical level of our being, we use the five senses of the body to their limit, and then go beyond that limit. We essentially work out our sensual awareness.

Raising our vibration through awareness. Awareness of our own sexual energy and how we relate intimately. High vibrational relationships and sexuality. Using Tantric Tools as fuel for life and expanding consciousness.

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Lighting up the Darkness

Beyond its functionality, procreative human sexuality is highly complex, nuanced and mysterious. Mostly, these aspects of personal sexuality are ignored, repressed, vilified, outlawed and hidden from view. Indeed, the majority of people know little about it. When we finally escape the grips of our repressive sexual upbringing, how can we safely explore, express, create and integrate our authentic sexual desires into our identity?

How do we address the deeply imbedded fears, inadequacy, shame and harsh moral judgments that still impact how we express our sexuality. How can we recognize when we self-righteously pass judgment on other people’s sexuality? Find your own sexual truth through a newly visible portal of Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Taoist, Conscious Kink and Sacred BDSM.

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