Our workshops

These workshops are a joining of forces. We bring together the education of what we’ve learned; combining with our experience, providing intellect and exercises to practice, so that you can change the patterning in your mind, effectively altering the frequency in your body, transformation!


Intimacy Unleashed: Unlocking a Path to Pleasure

Come and join on this 2-day long intensive magical adventure into exploring intimacy. Bridging theory with experience, we will  really explore exercises that will help us feel more intimate, with self and with others.
We will be creating a container of love and acceptance, a space to feel feelings and know that there is no bad or good, allowing feelings feel.
We’ve been tackling a lot on our own for a long time, whether we feel we have mastered intimacy or are really in a place struggling to find intimacy, what we’re presenting will help expand on what you already have.
Real intimacy makes us feel alive, like we’ve been found, as if someone took the time to peer into the depth of self, like someone is looking right through us.

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Bliss: A Tantric Exploration

Come and join on this 2-day long expansive adventure exploring Tantra. Forget what you’ve heard about it, sure, bring your knowledge, this is about expansion of mind, body and soul. Forget what you know; if you bring in your ‘unhealthy’ stigma, you most likely will face a lot of resistance to what is presented. Tantra is an ancient system of expanding awareness of intimacy, first with self and then with others. Allowing us to create a safe container to step out of the mind, to transcend the ego, and feel the body, opening up to more pleasure, more awareness and ultimately more love, of self and others.

Bridging theory with experience, we will  really explore exercises that will help us feel more intimate, with self and with others.

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Lighting Up the Darkness: Tantra Meets Conscious Kink

Beyond its functionality, procreative human sexuality is highly complex, nuanced and mysterious. Mostly, these aspects of personal sexuality are ignored, repressed, vilified, outlawed and hidden from view. Indeed, the majority of people know little about it. When we finally escape the grips of our repressive sexual upbringing, how can we safely explore, express, create and integrate our authentic sexual desires into our identity?

How do we address the deeply imbedded fears, inadequacy, shame and harsh moral judgments that still impact how we express our sexuality. How can we recognize when we self-righteously pass judgment on other people’s sexuality? Find your own sexual truth through a newly visible portal of Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Taoist, Conscious Kink.

Nxt workshop is Sunday 24 September in Vancouver


Consent is Sexy; Transforming Consent Culture while Exploring Intimacy

Come join in on this magical discussion using both intellect and  we will also explore practical exercises around boundaries & consent, exploring the nuances of intimacy as well as exercises that allow the heart to open and create a safer space for all to move forward both in festival settings as well as in the real world.

“Consent as a noun itself may not be sexy, but for me, a human that can actively participate in their desires, their boundaries and taking care of themselves is very attractive.”

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Tantric Speed Dating


> Tantric Speed Dating – Vancouver Sept 21

Come step into a new paradigm of relating. With a focus on building deep energetic connections through Tantric exercises designed to connect with people at a soul level. We will guide you through stripping away the ego and allow the soul’s magic to mingle, connect and play. Let’s bypass the small talk and mind games, connecting through the heart center, feeling the energy of the person in front of you before all the words and stories start to create a veil, and when you do talk, we will talk about things that really matter.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded, open-hearted people and create deep fulfilling connections.

Our intention is to connect energetically conscious beings with one another to powerfully bring together couples who will support and amplify each other’s soul purpose on this planet. To fulfill on our individual and collective purposes, passions and longing for peace, balance and love in our lifetime.

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Tantric Tools for Intimacy: Conscious Relating

What is Tantra (short and dirty) – Tantra is a path of expanded liberation. The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tanota’ – to expand and ‘trayati’ – ‘liberation”.

To expand consciousness, to liberate ourselves from the physical level of our being, we use the five senses of the body to their limit, and then go beyond that limit. Like we would if we were working our muscle groups. We essentially work out our sensual awareness.

In the course, we will share tools for:

– Communicating effectively within relationships
– Creating a container of self love so we stop projecting outwards for self validation in relationships
– Tantric tools for expanding pleasure and creating a more embodied experience
– How to be more conscious in your relationships and your love making
– Activate, clear and balance the energy centers of the body through Tantric Yoga, dance, breath, orgasmic and movement exercises

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High Vibrational Relating and Sexuality Talk

In this talk, we will be approaching the subject of new-paradigm relationships as well as sexual empowerment.  This requires an in-depth knowledge of how by becoming present time focused we can access sexual energy as fuel for life and this also requires exploring our current paradigm of relationship, so we can ultimately utilize orgasm to expand consciousness and access its healing potential.

We will de-mystify the woo woo around energy.  We cannot deny that all things in existence are created in a frequency. Let’s get to the bottom of it, exploring both the physical reality and how it affects us at an energetic level; beyond the mind and into the body 😉

High vibrational living has nothing to do with being ‘ultra spiritual’ or pseudo science, it has to do with raising awareness through both intellect and experience, come join as we discuss various aspects of relating and sexuality; while also exploring exercises that build intimacy and honor boundaries.

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