Tantric Speed Dating


> Tantric Speed Dating – Vancouver Sept 27

Come step into a new paradigm of relating. With a focus on building deep energetic connections through Tantric exercises designed to connect with people at a soul level. We will guide you through stripping away the ego and allow the soul’s magic to mingle, connect and play. Let’s bypass the small talk and mind games, connecting through the heart center, feeling the energy of the person in front of you before all the words and stories start to create a veil, and when you do talk, we will talk about things that really matter.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded, open-hearted people and create deep fulfilling connections.

Our intention is to connect energetically conscious beings with one another to powerfully bring together couples who will support and amplify each other’s soul purpose on this planet. To fulfill on our individual and collective purposes, passions and longing for peace, balance and love in our lifetime.

We’ve crafted this magical journey using Tantric principles of feeling the energetics, subtle energy bodies and using the senses to connect with people who see us for what we are beyond the job titles and superficial veil we create in the typical dating experience. All in a beautiful safe container where your essences are gently brought to the surface and celebrated.

Please bring an open heart, clear mind, healthy dose of playfulness and curiosity ☆

We are looking forward to dive deep into this experience with you!

Lots of magic & juicy love from us,
Sprout Love & Yani Yogi

“The tantric playshop was simply wonderful! It didn’t feel like speed dating at all as the creative, playful, heartfelt, authentic practices we were invited to participate in with one another were so rich and nurturing! To connect with strangers on such a true heart level is a gift like no other! I forgot all about the idea of this being a dating event and was carried away by each and every spirited connection. Yani and Sprout are wonderful facilitators who created a safe, welcoming and fun event that I highly recommend!”

“Thank you!! That was such a fun, intimate, and enlightening evening”

“I found myself attracted to people I normally wouldn’t have opened up to, it was so interesting how you guided us through different experiences”

“Thanks so much for creating the space and sharing your much appreciated gifts!”

“Thanks for a playful, explorative and touching evening. So thankful”

☆ Practical Details
– Date: Thursday 27 September
– Time: 7 – 9:30PM, please arrive 10 min before the start of the event, so we can balance the female & male ratio with last minute sign ups
– Location: Location in Vancouver to be confirmed
– Who: This event is gender-specific. If we have enough interest, we are super open to set up a queer friendly event. We welcome and connect with people of all styles, genders and orientations ♥
The intention for this evening is to meet others and to connect further after the workshop, in whatever way it will unfold. We will be matching you up 🙂
– Limited spots available, with an equal amount of female and male participants, so reserve your spot before we sell out.
– This event doesn’t involve nudity or explicitness and is designed for people ages 25 and over.

☆ Note

At the start of the event we will create guidelines and boundaries so that everyone will feel safe and supported in moving as far as they choose. Everyone has freedom and it’s not required to do anything you don’t want to do and we will create a social context in which there will be no pressure so everyone gets to choose their level of participation.

Tantric Speed Dating – Vancouver Sept 27